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UID Women - Who We Are?

UID (Union of International Democrats) - Women is part of a non-governmental organisation represented in 17 different countries worldwide including 152 branches. It is a voluntary organisation. Our members consist of people over the age of 18 with different national, cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds. UID Women has been active since 2013.

Over Vision

The foundation of our work is based on the promotion of mutual respect, inclusion, tolerance and greater understanding between people of different backgrounds, ethnic and religious groups. To protect the rights and values of women and families, we are actively working for social peace and engaging with different organisations and groups around the world. UID Women further acts as a bridge between Turkey and the relevant countries they are based in worldwide to help provide better relations between them.


Our Goals

Supporting women’s social, political and cultural development and help them take active roles in society, regardless of religion, language, race and gender.

Producing theoretical and practical solutions that will enhance political, legal and social assets within the frame of justice and the rule of law by identifying the current problems of women and civil societies in their countries of origin.

Carrying out activities that will improve children’s native language levels and overall level of education. To achieve this goal, we work with social and educational organisations in the respective countries.

Strengthening and protecting all relevant aspects of that constitutes the family as the fundamental core of civil society.

UID Women Activities:

  • Events on special days and weeks
  • Educational seminars, panels and conferences
  • Social projects and fundraising campaigns
  • Art and culture trips
  • International women summits

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