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Family liaising OUR AIMS

  • Ensure that parents are clear about what their child is expected to do;
  • Ensure consistency of approach throughout the school;
  • To use home learning as a tool to help to continue to raise standards of attainment;
  • Improve the quality of the learning experience offered to pupils and to extend it beyond the classroom environment;
  • Provide opportunities for parents, children and the school to work together in partnership in relation to pupils’ learning;
  • Encourage pupils and their parents to share and enjoy learning experiences;
  • Reinforce learning covered in class by providing further opportunities for the individual pupil;
  • To practise or consolidate basic skills and knowledge.
  • Encourage pupils to develop the responsibility, confidence and self-discipline needed to study independently;

The Nature of Home Learning

It should be noted that home learning can be set in many different forms with many different expectations and outcomes. It is important to remember that when setting homework there are a number of points to consider:

  1. The nature and type of home learning changes throughout a pupils school career.
  2. The amount of home learning may increase as a pupil gets older.
  3. Home learning should not cause undue stress on the pupil, family or the teacher.
  4. It will not necessarily come in the form of a written task.

Recommended Time Allocation

Home learning should never be too onerous nor should it ever create stress within the pupil’s family. If parents have any concerns they should not hesitate to contact the school. Normally, more than one day will be allowed for the completion of a home learning task, except where daily practice is to be encouraged e.g. reading, spellings

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