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Golden Children at Hasan Ozcan Weekend School

Our pupils strive to be outstanding in their behaviour.  At Hasan Ozcan Weekend School, we encourage this as we believe that our pupils are our ambassadors and we want them to develop the skills and confidence which will enable them to achieve the very best in life.

Our behaviour policy is Stay on Green; if a pupil shows consistently excellent behaviour then they are awarded a special golden badge which we encourage them to wear with pride.  By wearing their badge in and around school other pupils know that they are the role models and lead by example by showing them how they too can achieve 'gold' with their behaviour and attitude.

​This year, in order for a child to be a true golden child, they must show integrity at lunchtime and show excellence in their behaviour.  Ms Ayfer Cebi will check with the staff when a child is nominated for a gold by their teacher.

​Children are not awarded gold for the first half term as they must show consistency. From Autumn 2 we start to award gold to children and their parents are invited to attend assembly to take part in this celebration.  Their teacher will bring them to the front of assembly and share why they are proud of them and the behaviour they have shown, in order to achieve their gold.  Their parents are invited to this celebratory assembly to share this special moment.  The remainder of the children in the hall are active listeners as they want to learn what they need to do to get there themselves.


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